Uya’s Reading Recommendation.

If you liked Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover,…

You might also like Koe no Katachi/ A Silent Voice by Yoshitoki Oima

Similarities: One of the main characters from both stories are hearing impaired. (It’s weird how I read both books almost at the same time.)

Differences: “Maybe Someday” deals with more mature subjects like cheating while “A Silent Voice” deals with the subject of bullying and the consequences of it.

P/S: Click on the covers to read their summaries on Goodreads.

Try it out. Besides, “A Silent Voice” might have a movie available soon. 😉


The Banker.

The girl set her elbows on the counter, looking at the banker on the other side. He scrutinized her identification card. After a full ten seconds, the banker looked up from his seat. The corners of his mouth lifted into a small smile.

“Blushing red, huh?” he asked, all too suddenly.

She blinked, not making sense of what he was saying at first. But then he said her name and gave the identification card in his long fingers a small wave. Understanding clicked into her mind almost immediately.

“Oh, yeah,” she replied, nodding and laughing shyly.

It’s not everyday a stranger knew the exact meaning of her name and cared enough to make a conversation out of it. Afterwards, it made the girl smile just thinking about that moment.