Book Review: By Your Side by Kasie West

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 

5/5 stars.

Okay, hear me out. There’s a reason why I gave this book five stars. A million reasons, actually.
So, at the start of the book, I don’t feel quite connected with Autumn, the main character mainly because she seemed to have a lot of friends. I couldn’t handle a lot of friends at one time as it is, so I couldn’t actually relate to how Autumn is.
But then, as the story progresses, she is so relatable that I kept screaming “Yes, I know, right??” every few pages of the book.
The fact thatβ€”
1) Autumn handles situations the way I would sometimes.

2) Autumn felt anxious thinking about others’ feelings instead of her own.

3) Dax Miller is the total opposite of her but it didn’t make this book clichΓ©d at all.

4) Family is a constant presence in this book.

5) Friendship took up more than half of the book.

6) Romance is not the main focus but anxiety disorder is.

7) Dax is like the bad boy trope but really, really believable and well developed throughout the book. (I think he’s the most complex character in the book besides Autumn, which makes them the perfect pair isn’t it?!)

8) Dax Miller is hot. (I just had to say it.)

9) I knew how it felt to be hated by a guy who thought that I was messing around with his best friend’s feelings. (Boys: when they don’t like someone, it is so obvious that it hurts)

β€” made this book so, so relatable and fun and perfect.

I know some things are not resolved (like the thing with Dallin and Dax’s Mom) but some things are better left unsaid, right? I’m perfectly happy with the ending.
P/S: I think this is just a case of me reading this book at the right time. I needed a ‘distraction’ and Dax Miller is definitely a good ‘distraction’, if you know what I mean. (Read the book if you don’t get it, dammit.)


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